Minutes of committee meeting on July 1011 2019

Minutes of IEEE TC on Control Education July 10th 2019 during ACC

Due to an unfortunate clash with an important women in engineering event, many members were unable to attend and thus the meeting was unable to make any important decisions about future priorities.

There was an underlying feeling that control education itself was not high priority in many peoples’ jobs due to the many conflicting pressures and the fact that often control courses are core and happen anyway; perhaps as a consequence we have not got sufficient motivation or pressure to put significant effort in this direction. This has a direct impact on this TC which, although it has an underlying remit, currently lacks a clear vision for what difference it could make, and more specifically, how? Of course many members are also part of the partner IFAC TC and thus one could argue that core activities are being driven by IFAC and perhaps this is sufficient. [See IFAC TC website]

Nevertheless, one core difference with the IEEE is the long standing commitment to outreach activities, although it was felt that Bozenna could benefit from broader (and younger) committee support in ensuring these activities both continue and are well designed. Danny has taken on a remit to look into how outreach can also be extended to industrialists and general society as he feels industrial engagement has gradually fallen away in recent years.

Some core notes from IFAC TC9.4 below

  1. Please submit papers to the demonstration session at the world congress so this is a real show case for the rest of our community. We aim to solicit some prizes for best demonstration. (http://laris.univ-angers.fr/fr/vie-unite/educational-demonstrators.html)
  2. Please do the survey (http://iolab.sk/ifac/index.php) and also encourage all your colleagues to do so.

Attendees were asked for views on what activities we should propose for the world congress. The following strategy was approved.

  • Demonstration session (Laurent, Anthony and German hosts already promoting).
  • Panel sessions (One on industry (Bozenna to lead) and one on survey (Atanas will look at procedure to propose this.)).
  • Propose an invited session on Benchmarks for control education (Anthony to take the lead and identify suitable contributors in advance (Antonio and Atanas will also make suggestions)). Possible best to do as an open invited track.
  • Margret is leading an outreach activity with assistance from Steffi, Anthony, Bozenna and others. She has already obtained a grant from the IFAC foundation and liaised with German hosts.
  • Suggestion that we should actively seek an industrial prize for best demonstration. (Anthony to follow up)