Committee Meeting on December 17th 2020

In attendance: Anthony Rossiter, Danny Abramovitch, Antonio Visioli, Elena Zattoni, Bozenna Pasik Duncan, Tyrone Duncan, Dominque Duncan, Rick Hill, Karlene Hoo
1) There was a general acceptance of the achievements of the past few years in the curriculum review project, but also the need for us to continue keeping the profile of education high by submitting and proposing: papers, invited sessions, panel sessions, demonstration sessions and so forth at the major conferences we attend.
2) A core aim going forward, likely to be led by the partner IFAC TC and supported by IEEE members, is the need for an effective and sustainable repository of control education resources.
3) There was a long discussion on outreach, led by Danny (chair of A2C2). He is trying to collate effective resources and techniques which will improve efficiency and efficacy. These can be utilised as appropriate in the future. The current requirement for virtual attendance may actually be an opportunity to reach out to a far wider demographic of schools/attendees.
4) Karlene emphasised that we need to consider how we can broaden our vision to include a wider variety of audiences (diversity, inclusion, gender, etc.) and to work for more social justice. Danny is very onboard with this principle and equally keen to consider how we can create opportunities for and inspire those who often miss out; he will talk to Karlene off-line.
5) It was noted that John Hedengren will be taking over as chair from January.
6) Minor comments:
i) we need a broader, perhaps less traditional, range of case studies to inspire different audiences. ii) Pose societal issues and ask the students for ideas, then using this as an opportunity to engage them with STEM subjects and how this can help.
iii) Should we be considering 'outreach' to industry?
iv) Do we know of potential partners with suitable expertise we can draw on?
v) STEM is an IEEE priority and so reasonable also to be one for this TC. This overlaps significantly with Danny's role.